The double-sided metal spring stabilizer can be tightly jointed with the knee joint. Special features enhance lateral support and maintain joint stability. It effectively disperses pressure, keeps knees warm and lubricates joints.

Medical grade protective equipment. Metal spring stabilizer and bone gel pad will not fall off easily during use. The anti-slip silicone strip and high elastic fabric can avoid sliding and rolling up and down during movement.

3D knitting structure. The ergonomics design could perfectly fit your knee bone curve at 360 degrees. Reduce the pressure and pain of the knee with high elastic, tight and breathable compression fabric.

Size--------Suitable Weight--------Upper Circumference--------Lower Circumference--------Knee Pad Length

1pc Knee Bone Gel Pad Sleeve Thermal Compression Knee Support Bandage

SKU: 1pc-knee-bone-gel-pad-sleeve-t538987890

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